Dear friends,

Lately, I am having problems with the web hosting master who provide us with web hosting and email services.  Currently, we have an issue where emails sent to Hotmail/Outlook are not delivered.
I have been taking the necessary steps to prevent this issue, but the answer of the provider is always the same and it is not willing to investigate further to solve this problem for good.

By October 2021, all the services that FrikiHost offer will be finished, but don't worry, I will be talking to each of you in order to organise and move your websites to the web hosting provider of your election. The new hosting provider will be your point of contact any all your doubts will be answered by them, finalising FrikiHost services.

Again, don't worry I will be with you in the migration process of your web to minimise any issue.

Thanks for your support during all these years and apologise for the inconvenience.

FrikiHost Team

Thursday, November 5, 2020

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