Server Migration Completed

Dear Client,We want to make you aware that the migration has been completed succesfully. As you are are using our name servers or private name servers then you don’t have to make any changes for your domain name. Your website will automatically resolve from the new server IP post-migration.  All your login details will remain the same. The  ... Read More »

4th Nov 2019
Server Migration

Dear Client,We want to make you aware that this Saturday (2nd November,  from 2:30 am AEST), we have scheduled the migration of your hosting account. We will be migrating your account on a brand new Dual Hex Intel Xeon E5 series server. We have been working hard to set up a reliable and stable server infrastructure with the redundancy and ... Read More »

29th Oct 2019
Two-Factor Authentication

We have introduced Two-Factor authentication in your client area.  Currently it is up to you if you want to enable this security feature to your account. Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security by adding a second step to the login process. It takes something you know (i.e. your password) and adds a second factor, typically ... Read More »

2nd Sep 2019
Not-Secure sites

You must be aware of the Google's February update about flagging non-https sites as 'Not Secure'. Google has set the deadline of 23rd July 2018, with the release of chrome 68, Google chrome will flag all HTTP sites as insecure. Eventually, you will begin to see a decrease in your site visitors and the search engine ranking of your website. It's ... Read More »

29th Jul 2018
DDoS Attack

The 24/05/2018 our main server was the target of a DDoS Attack. We had some conectivity issues now resolved.  The connectivity issues were the result of ongoing DDoS attack. We've made few tweaks to mitigate the issue and we are continuing to work to address new attacks as they pop up.We are continuously monitoring the network in order to prevent ... Read More »

24th May 2018
PHP mail function disabled

We have experienced a lot of spam and other unsolicited mail being sent from  servers. This has affected number of clients hosted on these servers. For the benefit of majority of our customers, the management has decided to disable PHP mail function.We have posted a more in-depth article in our knowledgebase on sending e-mails using SMTP ... Read More »

25th Nov 2017

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